The Brains and Brawn of Service Cloud Einstein By touchpoint | Dec 07, 2017

The Brains and Brawn of Service Cloud Einstein

The customer is always right. That’s the old adage, and it holds especially true today in hyper-competitive markets where the differentiator between one competitor and another is often the quality and responsiveness of one’s superior customer service.

The Salesforce Service Cloud is giving companies of all sizes unprecedented abilities when it comes to customer service, and the powerful new features of Service Cloud Einstein, Salesforce’s machine learning AI, offer even greater possibilities for unprecedented responsiveness and a proactive customer experience.

Einstein Supervisor

Einstein Supervisor puts the power of machine learning prediction and insight into the hands of contact center supervisors.

Not only does Einstein Supervisor combine real-time operational insights with smart data discovery to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction across an omni-channel contact center, it uses machine learning to provide predictive recommendations to solve and prevent customer service issue before they even happen. Indeed, it can study agent availability, wait times, and more to empower your agents to perform better.

For example, Einstein Supervisor can detect an increased volume of customer service tickets linked to a certain defect in a product manufactured in a specific factory during a specific period, and will proactively alert other impacted customers, recommend preventative measures, and even begin dispatching field representatives to perform the necessary repairs – all before your customers are even are they have a problem.

Your brand appears attentive and responsive, and your customers are none the wiser.

Einstein Case Management

Einstein Case Management turns each and every one of your customer service agents into a genius and a mind-reader.

Leveraging the power of its machine learning AI, Einstein Case Management automatically classifies and escalates customer service cases as they are received. High-priority cases (based on number of previous attempts, customer deal size, or other criteria) are quickly routed to the appropriate agent at the next level before the customer ever speaks to you, creating a seamless, one-destination experience for the caller.

What’s more, it will even surface relevant information to resolve the case, such as knowledge articles or videos, saving your agents the time and effort of both discovering the assets and transmitting the information themselves. Your customers get satisfaction quicker, and your agents can focus on their next tasks.

Intelligent Mobile Service

Not only is the customer always right, but the customer is always right where they are, as well. As more and more companies provide service out in the field – whether technicians, healthcare providers, financial advisors, delivery drivers, or more – companies are having to provide the same high-quality level of customer service no matter wheretheir employees are, including when connecting remotely.

Service Cloud Einstein now has a mobile app on iOS and Android that allows field agents to provide the same exceptional customer experience from anywhere, while providing AI-enabled process optimization for your entire workforce. Using its algorithms, Einstein can optimize scheduling and routing, provide real-time access to your full back-end CRM, and even offer offline capability.

When a new ticket comes in, for example, Einstein automatically routes the case to the best agent for the job based on their location, expertise, and previous history with the customer. The app details the customer’s service history, ticket issue, and the parts or equipment required to complete the job. The app even provides the fastest route to the parts warehouse and the customer’s location, so every single aspect of your mobile service operation is streamlined, optimized, and designed to provide a stellar customer experience.

* * *

When you combine the power of Salesforce Service Cloud with the predictive power of the Einstein AI, you get a solution that is extremely deep, valuable, and complex.

By working with a partner that can help them optimize their Service Cloud Einstein deployment, businesses can stand out and get ahead in customer service, and truly show their commitment to their clients.


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