Staff Augmentation

Expand your team without increasing your budget.


The benefits of Salesforce staff augmentation

Salesforce staff augmentation provides businesses the opportunity to customize their engagements to fit client and stakeholder needs.

Budget Flexibility

Hiring a full-time employee isn’t always in the cards when it comes to staying within budget boundaries. Full-time employees require the added cost of benefits like insurance, PTO, training, and more. Many companies circumnavigate those requirements by hiring contractors from staffing firms that cover those administrative needs, thereby increasing headcount without officially hitting defined resource restraints.


Team managers or Salesforce admins can focus on the work at hand as they oversee the project responsibilities and collaboration of an extended team, without the hassle of coordinating administrative duties and employment agreements as their team size ebbs and flows to meet project needs.


You get to choose the candidates that best meet your needs, criteria, and timeframe. And you still manage the contractors with the methods your business prefers. There is no need to differentiate management styles between contractors and full-time employees. When the skills of one contractor are no longer needed, you can source a new contractor with the next skills required for project completion.

Staff augmentation helps your business flex up team capacity on an as-needed basis, facilitating on-time, excellent work.

But what about the long-term?

Staff augmentation originally set out to solve for:

  • Short-term resource constraints
  • Hiring and headcount limitations
  • Tightening budgets 

But as projects end, external staffing resource contracts are often extended — especially as their internal knowledge of people, processes, and technology grew. When a contractor’s work becomes invaluable to a company, it becomes harder to justify bringing on a new full time employee (who isn’t the trusted contractor), or a different contractor (with specific, needed skills) to complete a project. 

When it comes to fluctuating needs in skill, invaluable additions to your team, and fixed budgetary constraints, the same question always comes up:

How can you keep contracting with a proven asset while also introducing new, valuable skills to your team — without added cost?

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Accomplish all that and more with Touchpoint

AdminPLUS takes staff augmentation to the nth degree, giving you access to a breadth of Salesforce and industry expert capability from Touchpoint in a flexible package. Touchpoint's team doesn’t just fill roles but instead provides capabilities  tailored to your needs — applying services when and where they’re needed most.   

Working across industries, technologies, and geographies, we design and scale Salesforce solutions rapidly — helping to accelerate your journey to new value and growth.

How we can help

From Salesforce Administrator to Data Architect, Marketing Automation to User Experience experts and everything in between; Touchpoint has experts in capabilities that run the depth and breadth of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem along with deep industry knowledge across a variety of business verticals. 

You might need a specialty around a particular industry, a complicated enterprise architecture, or possibly adherence to regulatory compliance. And when you go the traditional staff augmentation route, you get only the expertise and skills of a single resource instead of a multifaceted team to address the need. 

Partnering with a team of Salesforce experts allows you to learn and be thoughtful about changes, backlog, and initiatives that arise as you maintain your Salesforce instance.

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Strength in numbers

Why choose the knowledge of one over many?

Why pay more to get less?

With Touchpoint, you get a powerhouse of experienced specialists for every situation and implementation need. Bringing in a third party with cross-functional expertise can help identify, define, and implement solutions that better serve your company in the long run, while helping to deliver tangible ROI on your valuable investment in the platform. 

Are you ready to expand your team without increasing your budget?

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