Consulting Services

Elevate your people, processes, and tools with a Salesforce consulting partner aligned to your needs.

It takes more than a great software solution to transform your organization. It takes the right combination of employee engagement, streamlined processes, and change management. Bringing in an outside Salesforce consultant is a surfire way to make sure that no important steps are skipped or overlooked on the path to a new digital platform and business strategy.


The benefits of Salesforce consulting services

If you're just starting out, want some extra help with an exisitng org, or need help building our big-picture strategies, Touchpoint can help.

Advisory Services

More than anything, you're looking for a trusted partner as you navigate your true north.

Let our experienced and expertise guide you through strategies both big and small.

Implementation Services

You know what you want, but you're not sure where or how to get started.

Take advantage of our industry and technology experts as they guide your company through its digital transformation.

Managed Services

As your business grows and evolves, your Salesforce org needs to do the same.

Gain access to a highly skilled team of Salesforce consulting and technical experts who can assist with everything from strategy and business alignment to supplementing your own in-house skills.

Consulting services can provide from a single advisory expert to guide your internal team to a full implementation team to help design, architect, develop, test and support your Salesforce org.

We turn your insights and objectives into value you can see

Our Advisory Services team works closely with you to ensure that youre digital transformatioon woorks in tandem with your business insights and objectives, including:

  • A well-documented vision of future success
  • Key business metrics and measures of success
  • Appropriately-sized business capabilities, mapped to user and customer goals. 

When appropriate, our Advisory Services team can also assist with the design and creation of Centers of Excellence, change management, governance teams, roles and processes.

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Consultants and Problem Solvers

Our team provides consulting services across the Sales Cloud, Services Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Platform Cloud to provide solutions for your unique business needs. We have the experience needed to quickly build and deliver the custom solutions you need to be more efficient and effective.

We love to take on the most challenging business problems and create custom Salesforce solutions are make our client's lives easier.

Who is Managed Services for?

Three signs that Touchpoint's Managed Services will be a good fit:

  • I have Salesforce, but I need advice on best practices, help understanding new releases, insight into what others are doing in my industry, and help bringing ideas to life
  • We have a lean team of Salesforce Admins. How can we access developers, integration experts, marketing automation experts, data specialists, and more? I need a partner who can provide a variety of skill sets on demand!
  • I have a list of stuff to get done, but my team doesn't have bandwidth. Can you help roll out a new department, do some iterative project work, and get some quick wins?

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