Turn your Salesforce possibilities into reality.

Your initial Salesforce.com implementation should be the first step into continual process improvement. We help you unlock the power of the ever-expanding platform day in and day out.

Turning Possibility Into Reality for Salus®.

More skills, more results. That’s what Salus Homecare, one of nation’s largest home care providers, realised as the TP team of outsourced admins augmented their internal expertise.

Like many organizations in the healthcare industry, Salus was used to working with many disparate health systems. They recognized early that this would hold back future growth and looked to Salesforce.com and Touchpoint to open their path to growth.

Within Salesforce.com is all actionable client-related data. At every point of client inquiries to customer feedback on social sites is managed in and prompted by Salesforce.com. In addition, all caregiver outreach is managed through Salesforce; including emergency outreach via SMS and flu vaccination confirmations via IVR.


Your Full Salesforce Admin Team

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    Let us administer Salesforce.com so you can focus on building your business.

    We can provide complete Salesforce.com administration or be part of your Salesforce.com admin team.

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    Strategic guidance and training to keep up with your uniquely evolving business needs.

    We work side-by-side with you to continually adapt your Salesforce to your specific needs so you’re always maximizing your value from it.

Turning Possibility Into Reality for Evista ®.

Evista provides environmental consulting services for the property restoration industry and is one of the fastest growing private companies in California. Their interest is in a platform that will remove all barriers to their growth.

We implemented an MVP release that brought all customer interactions, from testing request to lab result delivery, into Salesforce.com. This included the ability for project managers to be sent to jobs, capture in-person electronic signatures, manage the test site activity and sending findings to the lab for final analysis.

Beyond this, we provide ongoing Salesforce.com administration through our AdminPLUS service; in essence we are their Salesforce.com admin team. As their business grows and changes we remove technical barriers and implement solutions to make employees more productive.


Your Augmented Salesforce Admin Team

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    Round out your existing in-house team.

    Our broad range of skills is perfect to fill the gaps you need help with and expand your ability to realize the potential of Salesforce.

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    Quick fixes, specific help, or focused expertise.

    Team Augmentation is the ideal solution when you just need a little Salesforce help.


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