New Salesforce Service Cloud Features Present Big Opportunities for Customer Service Operations By touchpoint | Dec 07, 2017

New Salesforce Service Cloud Features Present Big Opportunities for Customer Service Operations

This summer, Salesforce released several updates to its Service Cloud offering, which gives organizations the power to manage, organize, and execute their customer service operations from directly within Salesforce.

That’s according to Natalie Gagliordi at ZDNet, who explains that by understanding and competently wielding the features of the Service Cloud, companies can turn their customer service activities into a robust omnichannel experience that adds value and builds customer loyalty.

Persistent Context for Faster Resolution

When your agents answer a customer service call, do they know why the customer is calling before they even say, “Hello”?

With a properly administered and deployed Service Cloud, they can. That’s because the Service Cloud supports persistent context throughout the life of each service ticket, telling agents why the customer is calling, when the customer has contacted them previously, how the customer has contacted them, and all which products and services the customer owns.

The upshot? When John Q. Customer contacts your customer service department, they don’t have to repeat the same information a hundred times or slog through boring and discouraging transfer after transfer. Whether they called first on a telephone, then via SMS message, then via video chat, your agents have clear and complete records of all of this, and can speak with authority, reassurance, comforting familiarity that they are prepared to quickly resolve the issue for the customer.

This feeling of being put first, and dealt with competently, builds feelings of customer loyalty and satisfaction among your clients, helping you maintain and grow your revenue streams.

Omnichannel Access, Putting Customers First

The Salesforce Service Cloud also allows your customers to reach customer service agents via whatever channels they prefer, be it over the telephone, through email, by SMS message, on live video chat, or by whatever means they are most comfortable.

Studies show that the majority of customers under 35-years-old prefer to contact companies via SMS, while only 72% of businesses are setup to handle customer service inquiries by any means other than telephone and email. This gap between customer preferences and corporate capabilities creates dissatisfaction, delays, and frustration among customers.

With a properly built and administered Salesforce Service Cloud, you can meet your customers where they already are and demonstrate your commitment to them.

Using AI to Solve Problems Before They Start

With the advent of Salesforce Einstein, it’s revolutionary AI platform, Salesforce Service Cloud can actually use its machine learning to foresee and predict workflow problems, bottlenecks, and delays before they even occur, keeping customer service issues from turning into customer service failures.

Salesforce Einstein can also empower customer service managers and agents to prompting them to proactively contact customers and alert them of potential issues down the road, positioning your company as proactive and considerate, not reactive and out-of-touch.

* * *

By ensuring your Salesforce Service Cloud is properly built, deployed, and administered, you can harness the power of a solution that not only helps your business run more replica watches efficiently, provides a full 360-degree view of your customers, and keeps them satisfied and more loyal, but reduces overhead costs by saving on things like additional customer service agents and redundant third-party solutions.

Get your Service Cloud right, and get your business right.


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