Stabilize Territory Management

Turning Possibility Into Reality
for Arena Solutions®.

One of Arena Solutions sales sticking points was the equitable distribution of territories. Historically they had defined territories in Excel and then used dataloader, workflows and manual assignments to get the territories defined correctly. AND then heard the complaints about poor design of territories.

With our Territory Management App (Territory Management Made Easy) we gave Arena Solutions the power to quickly define territories and easily distribute accounts in an equitable way, and slashed time spent managing territories by over 20 hours per month.



67% of Territory Managers pull their data out of Salesforce to process it, then re-import it back in. There’s a better way: Territory Solutions.


Define and redefine your territories quickly and easily using a point-and-click interface so you can re-assign territories in minutes and keep your sales team focused and productive.


Save time and money on sales ops by quickly re-assigning and redefining territories on the fly with almost zero downtime.


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