Review & Identify Business Process Improvements By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Review & Identify Business Process Improvements

Turning Possibility Into Reality for Arena Solutions®. Capture the current and future state of customer processes Identify gaps between where you are and where you’d like to be Incorporate Salesforce best practices and methodologies into your processes Define a roadmap from current to future state on Salesforce Learn how existing processes can be enhanced with […]

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Stabilize Territory Management By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Stabilize Territory Management

Turning Possibility Into Reality for Arena Solutions®. Complete Territory Mgmt within Easy Territory maintenance Save time and mone One of Arena Solutions sales sticking points was the equitable distribution of territories. Historically they had defined territories in Excel and then used dataloader, workflows and manual assignments to get the territories defined correctly. AND then […]

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Capture Voice of Customer By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Capture Voice of Customer

Give Your Customers a Voice that You Can Hear Hear voice of all customers Identify Net Promoters Enable & encourage net promoters to improve your SEO Customer Survey SEO helps you identify your happy customers and let’s them improve your SEO through testimonials and social references. Provide customer communities so customers can seek answers from […]

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Build Your Prospecting Machine By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Build Your Prospecting Machine

Prospecting and Lead Generation Lead Routing (we have an app that works similarly to TMME) Announce new services and products Softphone / Omnichannel Integration Use Salesforce to announce new services and products, and automatically track new leads. Harness soft phone and omnichannel integration to leverage all your digital means of communication.

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Salesforce Email Integration By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Salesforce Email Integration

Integrate your organizations email to Allow users to view, create and manage Salesforce data inside of an email client Works for Outlook or Gmail Salesforce recognizes that most of your employees work is done in their email client (Outlook or Gmail for business) and allows for an integration with them. This allows for the […]

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Lightning Migration By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Lightning Migration

Make the Migration to Salesforce Lightning Totally Seamless If you’re ready for Salesforce Lightning, we make it easy with assistance for everything from migration, to checking the health of your Lightning instance, to making sure it’s fully optimized. Ensure better customer service through automation by deploying self-service capabilities that allow customers to on-board themselves.

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Legacy Code Review By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Legacy Code Review

Ensure existing code meets best practice standards Expert developer(s) review custom code to identify and improve poor performing code Include thorough comments throughout custom code files Code issues can paralyze an organization’s ability to continually improve upon Salesforce. We will review the quality and performance of custom code (APEX, VF and Lightning) within Salesforce. We […]

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Improve Code Coverage By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Improve Code Coverage

Increase coverage on existing code to allow ongoing enhancements to Salesforce either through custom development or 3rd party apps. Code coverage issues stop an organization from improving Salesforce with new features. Code coverage is the term used by Salesforce to convey the level of test verification that has been provided for individual code files as […]

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Core Data Analysis & Cleanse By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Core Data Analysis & Cleanse

Complete an analysis of existing duplicate data Duplicate data kills productivity. Identify leads, contacts and accounts that should be merged Review the duplicate data with the client and move forward with deduplication at the client’s approval Customer data should be a competitive advantage that drives investment, business decisions and establishes priorities. When data is inadequate […]

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Non-Profit Quickstart By touchpoint | Dec 06, 2017

Non-Profit Quickstart

Provide guidance for your non-profit in receiving 10 licenses at no cost Migrate data from existing donor platform to Train users on This accelerator gets your non-profit up and running on Salesforce. This includes 4 main steps: 1. Acquiring 10 “free” licenses from Salesforce for your 501c3 2. Standing up Salesforce for […]

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