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Initial Implementation

Solve business needs with Salesforce best practices.

Ongoing Administration

Support and guidance from an Advanced Admin and a team of experts as needed.

Solution Roadmap

Ensure Salesforce is designed to scale with your business.

Expert Development

A team of experts when custom solutions are needed.


The right tools for your team

Use AdminPLUS to suit your needs. Our team of dedicated experts are here to provide full Salesforce.com support, augment an existing team, or something in between.

Dedicated SF Admin
Solution Architect
App Integration
Technical Architect
Full-Team Expertise

Is AdminBASIC or AdminPLUS a better fit?


Benefits of AdminBASIC

AdminBASIC provides an experienced Salesforce.com Administrator to provide support at your direction.

AdminBASIC is best for

Basic Salesforce configuration needs
Augmenting an existing team
Maintaining an existing Salesforce solution
Supporting inexperienced staff

Expert Administrator

A dedicated Salesforce Administrator with years of experience.


With resource turnover, AdminBASIC provides continuity and flexibility without impacting your business goals.


Pay for only what you need. AdminBASIC services start at a fraction of the cost of a single full-time resource.

Benefits of AdminPLUS

AdminPLUS provides a full-team approach to your Salesforce.com solution. There won't be any expertise you need that won't be available.

AdminPLUS is best for

Getting started with a Salesforce build
Rebuilding a Salesforce org implemented incorrectly
Adding fire power to an existing Salesforce team
Existing Salesforce Maintenance and Evolution

Team Approach

A dedicated Salesforce Administrator and access to full team of Salesforce experts.


With resource turnover from economic uncertainty, AdminPLUS provides continuity and flexibility without impacting your business goals.


AdminPLUS services start at a fraction of the cost of a single full-time resource.

We've worked with Touchpoint since 2012 and I can't overstate how valuable they've been. As we've grown our needs have changed we've never had to stop or change plans because Salesforce was holding us back. Because of Touchpoint, Salesforce is an enabler for growth.
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We're passionate about helping companies improve their business with Salesforce.

We've provided salesforce solutions for everyone from startups to Fortune 100 companies and have found that the majority of companies are not getting the full value of Salesforce. Let us help you grow your business and get the most out of:

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Business process / automation
Customer engagement
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